Get Your Shuffle On
ToneFXs comes with an ultra cool shuffle feature. When turned on, every time a call comes in you here a different custom ringtone that you have put on your iPhone. This is a great feature when you have many custom ringtones and you want to enjoy all of them. How sweet is that!!
If you love custom ringtones, you will absolutely love custom text msg tones
Just as you use ringtones to spice up your incoming call alert/rings, ToneFXs lets you spice up your incoming sms alert/ring. Say good bye to boring sms sounds like Tri-tone and chime and create your own supa dupa sounds from your current and expanding music library.
What you can customize with ToneFXs
Customize the "New Text Message" tone?
Customize the "New Voicemail" tone?
Oh Yeah
Customize the "New Mail" tone?
Yeah Baby
Customize the "Sent Mail" tone?
Totally Duuude
Customize the "Calender Alerts" tone?
Fo Shizzle
Customize the "Unlock Sound" tone?
C'mon Dawg
Customize the "Keyboard Clicks" tone?
Dude !?!
ToneFXsCreator, where your creativity starts
So where do I get these cool ToneFXs from?. The answer is YOU. We have built a simple and easy to use Mac and PC application called ToneFXsCreator that lets you create your ToneFXs from any of the music in your current and expanding music library and then have it automatically sent to your iPhone for you to use. If you are not up to this super easy task, we have bundled some really cool ToneFXs that you can choose from.
How Do I install ToneFXS ?
1. You need a Jailbroken iPhone ( 2.0 and above )
2. Launch the Cydia App
3. Go to Sections
4. Select Utilities
5. Scroll to and select ToneFXs
6. Select Install